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AEG Micro Expansions 




AEG’s Mighty Micros are small micro-expansions and promos that bring new and exciting ways to play the games you love!


Among the newest are micro-expansions for Mystic Vale and Tiny Towns!

Some may be single cards, others include new components and rules.  All are available exclusively at

Tokyo Game Market

Day 1 8,100 people, Day 2 5,200 people, total of 13,300 people


Ninja Catfoot and the Covert Action

Designed by Nozomu Sasaki                                Published by Oink Games


1-4 players                     Age 7+                 Play time 20mins       Price 2,200 yen (£15 app)







A new type of action game where you can play with your smartphone on your arm. The accelerometer will detect your movement.

Ninja Clawfoot's biggest mission. Get back the stolen scroll!

You have to carry the scroll slowly, quietly and carefully ...!

Everyone plays this game with their smartphones on their arms. A game in which you want to move quickly, but if you move violently, the meter will increase and you will become incapacitated.





Designed by MN Andersen                                            Published by Oink Games

Plays 1-4                               6+ years                 20-30mins             2000yen (£15 app.)







  • "Bandida" is a cooperative game with three modes, with the theme of female thief Bandida, and is a brother game of Bandido.

  • Bandida (a female bandit) is about to jailbreak "again". Players work together for the purpose of the game.






Uri Gellar spoon bending game 

Published by Asobi

3-5 Players                                        6+ years                                20mins                        2000Yen (£15)




Players compete in a world tournament to demonstrate their supernatural powers by bending spoons with their psychic abilities. Aim for the championship, while being careful not to bend the spoon too much and be suspected of being nothing more than a magician!



Crash Octopus


Designed by Naotaka Shimamoto                   Published by Itten Games

2-4 Players                   Ages 6+                    20-30 mins                           3,200 Yen (£23 App.)


A nice dexterity game where a lot of luggage is lost in the sea. A giant octopus has appeared! All you have in your hand is the flag on the ship. You have to flick the luggage and somehow collect it on the ship. If you can survive the invasion of a giant octopus that moves around and collect 5 types of luggage, faster than anyone else, you will win. This is a flicker game that looks a lot of fun.




Asmodee Connect and Play

Connect with your loved ones through board games! In these challenging times, you can't always get together with the ones you love to share a game in person - but we've made it easy for you to play some of our best-loved titles through videoconferencing.

Find instructions for remote games of Dobble, Dixit, Just One and more!



BGG at Home

Even though BGG.CON has been canceled, we can still all meet up face to face and game together via virtual tables.

Over five days and nights, we’ll play tons of games together using various digital platforms. Everything is user-driven, so if you want to play a specific game, host it! We'll help everyone find players and provide technical support, so you can focus on gaming.

Asmodee and Catan Studios celebrate 25 years of the famous tabletop title 





Asmodee and Catan Studios have marked a quarter of a century of the tabletop title Catan with the launch of a special, 25th Anniversary Edition, that includes a five to six player extension, custom dice, iridescent player pieces and more.

Honouring 25 years since the launch of Catan under its 1995 moniker Settlers of Catan, the anniversary edition is billed as a ‘great addition to any board game collection,’ as it arrives with an additional scenario – Helpers of Catan – and two packs of Gamegenic card sleeves.

More than 32 million copies of Catan games have been sold in more than 40 languages worldwide.


Satish Pillalamri Memorial


The sad news that Satish Recently lost his battle with cancer.


Joined Dominic Crapuchettes in creating North Star Games in 2003. He was involved in creating many great party games such as Wits and Wagers and Say Anything.


Unfortunately, he lost his battle just days after his Son was born and never got the chance to meet him.


Northstar has donated all remaining copies (1,000) to a scholarship fund for Satish's son. The entire price of your dude purchase through the site ($25), will be donated to a fund for his son to use in 18 years.


They have commissioned a special cover for dude, in Satish's likeness.  You will receive a box-size sticker with Satish's image which can replace the image on the box cover.

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