Rhino Hero

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Publisher: Haba Games Designer: Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf

Players 2-5 Time:5-15mins Age: 5+

So Jenga needed a theme and obviously a climbing Rhinoceros in a superhero costume is the way to go. Now let's just change the wooden blocks to cards and we’ve got a winner right? Well actually yes, it does work.

Imagine a group of friends around a table, building a house of cards and sometimes doing something cruel in hopes of making someone else topple the tower, and you won’t be too far off what this game is about.

Rhino Hero is on the up…

Like Jenga, Rhino Hero is all about balance — as in actual physical stability, the need for steady hands and careful placement of its pieces as it sees you building a tower floor by floor. But it’s more than just that, it also allows you to try to scupper your friends by playing

Although it is packaged in a little box but from little things big towers can grow. Rhino Hero incorporates two types of cards: one bent at ninety-degree angles to form the walls, and the other are the roofs, which you lay across the walls to create each new level, these floors can allow you to do mean things to your opponents. Such as cards that reverse the order of play, skip their turn, or make them draw extra cards.

Another trick some of the floor cards have is a picture of the beloved RHINO HERO. This forces the next player to take the chunky blue Anamorphic mammal and place him on his new perch at the top of the tower. As the tower ascends higher and higher the sturdy structure constructed from flimsy cards grows less and less stable, adding the hefty hero often results in total collapse.

It's amazing how many times the so called Hero is turned villain of the piece, as he brings about the total carnage.

This game is very family friendly allowing toddlers to grandparents to enjoy game alike.

Although this is far from a heavy euro brain burner as a filler game, Rhino Hero is just about perfect. It’s light, memorable, simple, not overly competitive, and smiles and laughter are pretty much guaranteed.

This is one Heroic game you shouldn’t take for granted.

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