Can you play RPGs Solo? Part 1

Buying RPG books and resources has become a bit of a problem for me. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but they are starting to pile up, many have never been played.

For a long time, I have ignored this fact and fluttered from one shiny RPG to the next. Curse you Kickstarter!!!

Photo by Alperen Yazgı on Unsplash

I reassured myself that one day I would get round to playing them all. Now the challenge has always been trying to find people to give them a go with you. My poor kids have been put through many an adventure but there are only so many times you can cackle at your kids while their character is burned alive by a dragon.

Along came Covid-19 and all chances of finding victims, I mean fellow players, disappeared like a toilet roll off a supermarket shelf.

That's not quite true. The online RPG scene is thriving like never before. We are living in truly amazing times where a plethora of platforms, communities, and Virtual Tabletops (VTTs) are available to find players and like-minded people from around the world. I have been playing Dungeons &