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Games For Kids


Designed By Günter Burkhardt                    Published by Haba

2-5 Players             45mins                      Age 8+

Zombie Kidz

Designed By Annick Lobet        Published by Le Scorpion Masque

2-4 Players                  5-15mins                      Age 7+

Quacks of Quedlinburg

Designed By Wolfgang Warsch       Published by Scmidt Spiel

2-4 Players                  45mins                      Age 10+

Ice Cool

Designed By Brian Gomez             Published by Brain Games

2-4 Players                  30mins                      Age 6+


Designed By Tom McMurchie                  Published by WizKids

2-8 Players                15-20mins                      Age 8+

Hero Kids

Designed By Justin Halliday               Available at Drivethru RPG

2-5 Players             20-60mins                      Age 4+

Deep Sea Adventure

Designed By Jun Sasaki+Goro Sasaki  Published by Oink Games

2-6 Players                  30mins                      Age 8+


Designed By Bruno Cathala              Published by Blue Orange

2-4 Players             15mins                      Age 8+

Welcome to the Dungeon

Designed By Masato Uesugi                    Published by Iello

2-4 Players                30mins                      Age 10+

Ticket to Ride London

Designed By Alan R. Moon         Published by Days of Wonder

2-4 Players                 10-15 mins                     Age 8+

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