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Loke Adventure Box: Valley of Peril


Following the successful Wilderness Battle map Kickstarter Camapaign, by Loke, details about our new Adventure Box have emerged.

Modular laminated battle maps with a 11x17 grid fold into this amazing magnetic box. These lay flat maps make up the Valley of Peril, with forest, mines, ruined castles and many other encounter areas. Each map page is double sided and aligns with the other pages allowing the Game Master to build a world for their adventure.

As well as the maps our Adventure Box also contains tokens. Adversaries, monsters, scenery, terrain and buildings such as taverns can now be added to these maps in moments. These tokens are printed on laminated 300GSM card and are perfect to move around during your adventure.

All our tokens are of course double sided, adding even more options for encounters!

The Adventure Box – Valley of Peril – will be released Easter 2021.



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Asmodee has acquired  publisher Plan B Games

Board game publishing giant Asmodee announced on March 11th that it had acquired the Plan B Games publishing group. This will also include three other publishers - Next Move, Pretzel Games and Eggertspiele, that were all a part of PLan B - under Asmodee’s banner.

Asmodee will now be able to add a host of great titles to there ever expanding catalogue including:- Azul series, Junk Art, the Century triology, Great Western Trail and many more


Expansion for Stargrave Quarantine 37

Quarantine 37 is a supplement for Stargrave in which players lead their crews into an abandoned space station, hunting for lost technology, unique research, and forgotten experiments. Compete with your opponents for these valuable resources across two competitive mini-campaigns, or venture into the vast maze of corridors and laboratories alone in the first Stargrave solo campaign. Also included are six new soldier types, new backgrounds and powers, terrifying additions to the bestiary, and a new advanced technology table packed with loot to help you in your adventures in the ravaged galaxy.

This title is available for preorder now and will be released on September 16, 2021. Priced at RRP £20

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Drax Hero Pack for Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flight games have announced Drax will be joining the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel Champions LCG.


With a relentless thirst for revenge against Thanos and anyone else who stands in his way, Drax comes to the table ready to dish out as much of a beating as he takes. With high damage potential and borderline-absurd durability, Drax is a valuable combatant that is right at home in the front lines against the villain.


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Interview with Sean Chappell of Ramstar Games


Designers: Kit Daven, Sabrina Scalarini, Sean Chappell

Illustrator: San Chappell

Published by Ramstar Games

Hivernation box.png

Hivernation is a two-player, tabletop strategy game based on actual bee behaviour. Every year, just before winter, hives around the world kick out all the Drone bees so that the Workers and the Queen can over winter and come back strong in the spring. The game is based on this.

In Hivernation, two players (or two teams of two players) receive a stack of 20 double sided, hexagonal bee tiles (one side Workers, one side Drones) as well as 3 specialty tiles chosen at random (or, for fairness, 2 flower tiles and 1 bear tile).

The Queen Zizi Tile is placed in the center of the play space and players take turns playing tiles from their stack. They can attach to Queen Zizi or their own bees but not directly to their opponents bees. When the two sides meet, each player, on their turn, can start converting their opponents tiles to their own by sandwiching their opponents tiles between two of their own and flipping the tiles in between to show the opposite side. There are opportunities to flip tiles in multiple directions at once as well. When a player does this they've made a multi-directional play and they're awarded another specialty tiles chosen from the stack at random.

Or they can modify game play by using one of those specialty tiles to flip tiles in a ring, stop tiles from being flipped or removing them from the game completely. The winner is the player with more of their tiles face up when the first player runs out of bee tiles to play.

—description from the publisher


Kickstarter Kickaround

Catacombs and Castles


The second edition of the award winning team based dexterity game. Plus the brand new Black Box expansion for Catacombs 3E.

Catacombs & Castles™ is a standalone dexterity tabletop game featuring both competitive and cooperative play modes, set in the land of Tellaryth.

Team Mode (up to eight players), features teams of heroes representing the Catacomb forces versus those from the Castle in a fast paced, dexterity battle. Boss Mode (up to four players), enables players to command a team of heroes to defeat a powerful Catacomb or Castle Lord, controlled by their opponent.

The game is based on Elzra’s Dexterity Game System™, so for players who are familiar with Catacombs™ Third Edition, the learning curve will be minimal.

Designed by Aron West


Published by Elzra

2 - 8 players                          60 - 90 mins                           14 yrs +


KS ends:- Thurs, April 1, 2021


Catacombs and Castles.jpg
Super Fantasy Brawl: Round 2!


Fast, fun, competitive, brawl-icious, and with 9 new Champions to spice things up! Join the Arena!

Select any three Champions.
Enter the Arena.
Seize objectives… and knock the opponents down!
Welcome to Super Fantasy Brawl!

Lead your dream team and create a synergistic action card deck! You only need to shuffle the cards of your three Champions of choice, as the game is faction-free! Maneuver, attack, displace enemies and claim objectives to secure victory.

Designed by Jochen Eisenhuth

Published by Mythic Games

KS ends:- Fri, March 19, 2021

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From the designer of the insanely popular Santorini comes the next great thematic abstract game for your collection!

A simple to play abstract game.

  • Move one of your three Vikings on the hex grid

  • Place Rocky Rune stone in line with that Viking

  • Form the largest possible areas that you control.

  • score points for each hex you control.


Designed by Gordan Hamilton

Published by Grey Fox Games

1 - 2 Players                             20 mins                        12 yrs +

Campaign Ends:- Weds , March 17, 2021