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New York Zoo

Puzzling and animal breeding: Designer Uwe Rosenberg is at his best! In New York Zoo, you are constructing an animal park. Build animal enclosures, introduce new animals and raise their offspring. The game play is straight forward as you have only two turn options: Puzzle a new enclosure tile into your zoo area or gain new animals to populate your animal encounters. But be sure to time your actions well since you want your zoo to participate in as many animal breedings as possible.

—description from the publisher

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From Blizzard to Warchief

Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin

Former top dogs at Blizzard Entertainment have decided to ditch the digital and join us in the analog gaming world.

Time Stories A mid Summer Night

In 2021 theye’re going all out with a brand-new supplement and miniatures. This will all be bundled together as the Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit.

Inside this collection of DreadBall awesome sauce, you’ll find a new supplement, cards, tokens, three new support assistants and an MVP/ref. 

The Magnetar Circuit is currently due for release next March

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Legendary: Realm of the Kings

Announcing a New Campaign Expansion for Marvel Legendary

This will focus on the Marvel stories featuring the InHumans characters such as Black Bolt, Medusa etc

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These shoes were made for Geeking

FFG has announced on their Aconyte site that they are collaborating with Plain View to bring you some Catan shoes.

We've made the top 40 Tabletop Podcast 

Feedspot have put us on their top 40 list of podcasts about tabletop podcast. Check out the list to see what other podcasts we are keeping company.