Episode 46

Tabletop Gaming News

Exploding Minions

Exploding Kittens is crossing over with Despicable Me’s Minions in a new version of the party card game called exactly what you’d expect.

Exploding Minions borrows Kittens’ Russian Roulette-inspired gameplay, which sees players draw cards and avoid any volatile felines that come their way, hoping to be the last person left in. Players take it in turns to draw a card from a central deck, using the cards in their hand to peek at the deck, force other players to draw, defuse exploding kitten cards and otherwise survive as long as they can.

Exploding Minions costs £15/$20, and is available to buy via Exploding Kittens’ online store for those in the UK, as well as in Target stores in the US. The game is set to arrive in fellow US chain Walmart later in the summer.


Exploding Minions.jpg
Fresh Prince: Summer Time

Hang with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince in an upcoming board game based on the beloved 1990s sitcom.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: Summertime is a quick card game inspired by the award winning 1991 song that was released alongside the Fresh Prince of Bel Air television show. In the tabletop game, players are invited to sit back and unwind with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the titular Fresh Prince at The Spot. However, an afternoon of relaxing and dancing is interrupted when the players are challenged to prove whether they are worthy of joining the rappers’ crew.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince: Summertime is set to be released sometime “soon” at a retail price of $19.99 (£14).

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales will be returning to print with some art and miniature upgrades. Renegade Game Studio has announced that pre-orders are open ahead of a planned retail launch in October. Originally designed by Kane Klenko, Dead Men Tell No Tales was first published in 2015 under Minion Games. Two the five players take on the role of a crew of pirates raiding the ship Skelit’s Revenge in order to “liberate” its heavily laden cargo hold.

Dead Men Tell No Tales’ preorders are now open on the publisher’s website and run $50 (£36). Retail copies are expected to hit shelves sometime in October of this year.


dead men tell no tales-box.png
Nebula coming to Marvel Champions

FFG have announced the Cybernetic killing machine Nebula will be  blasting her way into the Marvel Champions card game.

The Nebula Hero Pack is yet to receive a release date and is priced at $14.95 (£10), it requires the core Marvel Champions game to be played.


Tabletop Euros

Group A

italy flag.jpg
Represented by
Pandemic: Fall of Rome

Designed By Matt Leacock, Paolo Mori  

Published by Z - Man Games

1 - 5 Players                45 - 60 mins                   Age 8+

Pandemic fall of Rome.jpg
Swiss Flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Martin Nedergaard Andersen 

Published by Helvetiq 

1 - 4 Players              10 - 15 mins                   Age 6+

Turkey Flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Rüdiger Dorn  

Published by Pegasus Spiel 

2 - 5 Players                  40 - 60mins                 Age 13+

Wales flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Tony Boydell   

Published by Lookout Games 

1 - 5 Players                   30 - 90mins                  Age 10+

Group B

Belgium flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Stefan Feld 

Published by Z- Man Games 

2 - 4 Players                     60 mins                  Age 10+

denmark flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Mikkel Bertelsen

Published by Klask ApS

2 Players                        10 mins                 Age 8+

finland flag.jpg
Represented by
Afrikan tähti

Designed By Kari Mannerla     

Published by Alga

2 - 5 Players                     45 mins                    Age 6+

Represented by
Russian Railroads

Designed By Helmut Ohley, Leonhard "Lonny" Orgler   

Published by Z-Man Games 

2 - 4 Players                90 - 120 mins                 Age 12+

Bandido Box.jpg
Pandemic fall of Rome box.jpg
Istanbul box.jpg
Snowdonia box.jpg
Afrikan Tahti 1.jpg
Klask 1.jpg
Afrikan Tahti.jpg
Russian Railroads box.jpg
Russian Railroads.jpg
Bruges box.jpg