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Pandemic to hit the World of Warcraft

Publisher ZMan Games released a short YouTube video teasing a collaboration between it and Blizzard Entertainment. While information is scant at this point, What was noticeable from the clip; the board consists of the region of Northrend, with locations such as Thunderfall, Shadow Vault, The Avalanche, and the Icecrown Citadel. Plastic miniatures dot the board, with larger-size figures for heroes like Sylvanas Windrunner and others. There are also smaller miniatures, which may represent the creeping hordes of the Lich King’s forces. it did say the World of Warcraft game - as yet untitled - will be released in 2021 and use the Pandemic System.


WoW Pandemic.jpg
Machi Koro 2

Publisher Pandasaurus Games have announced Machi Koro 2 claiming the core experience of the first would be preserved, but “veteran players will notice some big changes.” Players take turns rolling a pair of d6 dice and using the results to collect income from businesses they own, represented on cards. That money is used to construct new establishments ranging from bakeries to factories to influential landmarks, such as metro stations or shopping malls, which are purchased from face-up rows drawn from a deck.

In Machi Koro 2 will find a new series of three initial building rounds that replace the usual starting array of fields and bakeries from the original. Each player will use five coins to draft businesses one at a time until everyone has spent their investments, then the proper game begins.

Machi Koro 2 is currently due for release on October 6th. It can be pre-ordered through Pandasaurus Games’ website for £22 ($30) and comes with three promotional cards - though these will also be available at local brick and mortar stores, as well.

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Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy

Gale Force 9 are excited to launch a first look at Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy. This new game builds on 40 years of development, refinement and evolution from the original classic Dune game.
This is NOT just a movie reskin of the classic Dune game, re-published in 2019 or even a 2nd Edition.  It has the same beloved DNA, flavour, tension and themes, BUT with beautiful new game board design, updated look and feel to reflect the upcoming film, more spice, new streamlined rules, and a new market deck where you can purchase game advantages.
The brand new 2-player mode really opens up new gaming opportunities, all making the game more accessible for even the most casual gaming nights where not quite such a time / player number commitment is required.  For this reason, Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy doesn’t replace the original classic Dune, but sits next to it in the cabinet / on the shelf.
In Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy you will take control of one of the four great factions–House Atreides, House Harkonnen, the Fremen, and the Imperium, all vying to control the most valuable resource in the universe: melange, the mysterious spice only found at great cost on the planet Dune.
Ship your forces to Dune, harvest spice, seize control of strongholds, and destroy your enemies.

Contact your local retailer and let them know you are interested as solicitation is going on right now for stores to reserve their copies as we expect demand to be very high for this game on release


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Tabletop Euros

Group C

austria flag.jpg
Represented by
Grand Austria Hotel

Designed By Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani 

Published by Mayfair Games

2 - 4 Players               60 - 120 mins                   Age 12+

Grand Austria Hotel 1.jpg
holland flag.jpg
Represented by
Pandemic: Rising Tide

Designed By Jeroen Doumen, Matt Leacock 

Published by Z-Man 

2 - 5 Players               45 mins                   Age 8+

North macedonia flag.jpg
North Macedonia
Represented by
Letter Jam

Designed By Ondra Skoupý 

Published by Czech Games Edition 

2 - 6 Players                  45 mins                 Age 10+

ukraine flag.jpg
Represented by
Rurik Dawn of Kiev

Designed By Stanislav Kordonskiy  

Published by PieceKeeper Games 

1 - 4 Players                 60 - 120mins                  Age 13+

Group D

czech flag.jpg
Czech Republic
Represented by

Designed By Stefan Feld 

Published by Z- Man Games 

2 - 4 Players                     60 mins                  Age 10+

croatia flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Mikkel Bertelsen

Published by Capstone Games

1 - 5 Players                  40 - 80 mins                 Age 12+

England flag.jpg
Represented by

Designed By Martin Wallace     

Published by Osprey Games

2 - 4 Players                60 - 90 mins                    Age 14+

Scotland flag.jpg
Represented by
Isle of Skye:
From Chieftain to King

Designed By Alexand Pfister, Andreas Pelikan   

Published by Mayfair Games 

2 - 5 Players                30 - 50 mins                 Age 8+

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Pandemic Rising tide.jpg
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Rurik Dawn of KIev box.png
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Ragusa Box.png
London box.jpg
Isle of skye box.jpg
Isle of skye .jpg
Bruges box.jpg
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