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Chronicles for Kids

Lucky Duck Games have announced a child friendly Chronicles of Crime style game.

Kids’ Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones is a co-op game set in a fictional world of fairy tales that’s made up of two lands - the Kingdom of Summer and the Winter Empire - who have both been supported and guided by a wizard. However, the wizard longs for retirement and has sought out a group of new apprentices in order to take up his mantle. The apprentices, or the players, will need to travel across the fairy world in order to gather a collection of Moon Stones which will provide them with the clues they need to solve a series of mysteries.

As an app-assisted board game, Kids’ Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones will see players using both the game’s physical components and board, as well as a free companion app, in order to progress. The app can be used to scan components, thereby highlighting new clues and fresh outcomes. Whenever the players arrive at a new location, they will be able to experience a 3D scene depicting the game’s characters through the companion app.

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Dragomino wins Kinderspiel

 Dragomino, beat off competition from Mia London and the Case of the 625 Scoundrels to be crowned the best children’s game of the year by 2021’s Kinderspiel des Jahres award.

​Kingdomino creator Bruno Cathala - who also designed the slightly more complex standalone sequel Queendomino - collaborated on Dragomino with Marie Fort and Wilfried Fort, who previously won the Kinderspiel des Jahres in 2019 for barrel-bowling game Valley of the Vikings.

Dragomino borrows Kingdomino’s fantasy kingdom-building spin on classic dominoes, with players needing to place matching terrain squares next to each other to collect dragon eggs. Egg tokens can be worth victory points or empty - making them worth nothing - adding an element of luck and memory to the simplified tile arrangement puzzle.


Now or Never

Red Raven have announced that preorders for Now or Never, the third of designer Ryan Laukat’s competitive titles following; Above and Below and Near and Far.


Now or Never places four players in the shoes of travelers returning to their abandoned village generations after the events that comprise previous board game Near and Far. It’s time to rebuild and fend off the last of the meteorite creatures that haunt the ruins, but only one will prove right for the job by rescuing hapless villagers and laying the foundation for a new and flourishing home.

Now or Never’s pre-order window will remain open until August 15th, according to a BoardGameGeek forum post from Laukat. Those interested can pick it up now for $60 (£43) from the studio’s website, while retail copies will cost $70 (£50). There is a projected shipping date of “Q4 2021.”

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Dune House of Secrets

Portal have announced that Dune: House Secrets will be released on October 15th, during this year’s Essen Spiel. The major German game fair is due to return with a physical convention from October 14th to 17th


Dune: House Secrets was announced earlier this year by publisher Portal Games, which billed the spin-off from its Detective series of co-op story-focused board games as the first in a planned trilogy set in the Dune-universe.

The upcoming board game sees up to four players jump into the political conflict over planet Arrakis, with their band of rebels needing to complete various secret missions. Along the way, they’ll pick an assortment of allies, travel around the world in pursuit of leads and have to make choices that impact the narrative. Like Detective, House Secrets will combine decks of cards and other physical materials with a required digital companion app accessed via a web browser.

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Retro Replacements

Boyzie's Selection

Chess (-1475?)
Replaced by

Designed By Martin Wallace      

Published by Roxley, Warfrog Games

2 - 4 Players                  60 - 120mins                  Age 14+

Scrabble (1948)
Replaced by

Designed By Vlaada Chvatil 

Published by Czech Games Edition

3 - 8 Players                   15 mins                      Age 14+

Cosmic encounter.jpg
Cosmic Encounter (1977)
Replaced by
Rising Sun

Designed By Eric Lang      

Published by CMON

3 - 5 Players                 90 - 120 mins               Age 14+

Snakes and Ladders (-1892)
Replaced by
Zombie Teenz Evolution

Designed By Annick Lobet 

Published by Le Scorpion Masque

2 - 4 Players                   15 - 25 mins               Age 8+  

Frustration/ Ludo (1965/1929)
Replaced by
Flamme Rouge

Designed By Asger Harding Granerud  

Published by Lautapelit.FI

2 - 44 Players               30 - 45 mins               Age 8+

Rob's Selection

Go for broke.png
Go for Broke (1965)
Replaced by

Designed By Keith Baker

Published by Atlas Games

2 - 4 Players                  60 mins             Age 13+

Subbuteo (1947)
Replaced by
Four Elements

Designed By Robert Murelli 

Published by Bomber

2 - 4 Players                5 - 25 mins              Age 6+

Settlers of Catan.jpg
(Settlers of) Catan (1995)
Replaced by
Underwater Cities

Designed By Vladimír Suchý

Published by Rio Grande Games

1 - 4 Players                  80 -150 mins                  Age 12+

Guess who.jpg
Guess Who (1979)
Replaced by
Love Letter

Designed By Seiji Kanai 

Published by Alderac Entertainment Games

2 - 4 Players                  20 mins                   Age 10+

Werewolf (1986)
Replaced by

Designed By Bruno Faidutti

Published by Repos Production

2 -13 Players                  15mins                   Age 10+

Jacko's Selection

Catacombs and Castles box.jpg
Crokinole (1876)
Replaced by
Catacombs & Castles

Designed By Aron West 

Published by Elzra

2 - 8 Players                    30 - 60 mins                Age 14+

Othello (1883)
Replaced by

Designed By Kris Burm 

Published by Huch!

2 Players                       30 - 60 mins                    Age 9+

Candyland (1949)
Replaced by

Designed By Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, Wolfgang Kramer

Published by Restoration Games

2 - 6 Players             20 - 40 mins                       Age 10+

Perfection (1973)
Replaced by

Designed By Kane Klenko 

Published by Renegade Game Studios

1 - 5 Players                10 mins                           Age 10+

Top Trumps (1968)
Replaced by
Smash Up

Designed By Paul Peterson      

Published by Alderac Entertainment Group

2 - 4 Players                     45mins                   Age 12+

Codenames box.jpg
Azul box.jpg
Rising sun box.jpg
Rising sun.jpg
Zombie-Teenz-Evolution box.jpg
Zombie Teenz.jpg
Gloom box.jpeg
Underwater cities.jpeg
Four Elements.jpeg
Four Elements 1.jpeg
Underwater Cities box.jpeg
Love letter box.jpeg
love letter.jpeg
Mascarade box.jpeg
Catacombs and Castles.jpg
Downforce box.jpg
yinsh box.jpg
Smash Up Box.png
Flamme rouge box.jpg
Fuse box.jpg

Kickstarter Kickaround

Myraclia Eva + Luna


Planet Myraclia. Deserted and inhospitable. Wildly controlled by the elements. Life has no place here...
But you came! With your divine powers. You know, or more precisely, you want to turn Myraclia...to a dreamed planet full of life. The task is not easy. You have to subdue chaotic elements of nature, organize them, establish order, to give life a chance...

In the game, you compete with other players for the title of The Creator of Myraclia. You are trying to get limited and chaotically emerging elements and sources of life. These are represented by glittering cubes in 7 colors in uneven numbers. You have to get them, organize them correctly, possibly replace them with the other player's elements, and ..... a miracle! The desolate and inhospitable part of Myraclia changes into a beautiful cradle of life.

The Myraclia surface is divided into hexagonal tiles. One side of the tile represents the original look of Myraclia, before the transformation, without life, the other side of the terraformed appearance, the new beautiful face of Myraclia full of greenery. There are 4 types of surfaces, namely plains, forests, water areas, and mountains.

Designed by Rudy Priecinsky


Published by Rudy 3 Publishing

1- 5 + players                      45 - 55 mins                        10 yrs +

KS Ends:- Friday June 18, 2021