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Metal Gear Solid is still a thing at IDW


A couple of months ago game designer Emerson Matsuuchi announced that the Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game that he had been working on for publisher IDW, had ceased production. It now appears another tabletop adaption of the video game series has seemingly been unearthed.

Board game artists Art Potions’ have revealed box art on their webpage for Metal Gear Solid: Psycho Mantis Battle. The site offers no information regarding the game’s mechanics - and how it relates to the video game franchise.

What is revealed is that it is a 2 player game, recommended for 14 yrs+ and will take around 30-45mins and is designed by Adam B. Metal and Pete Walsh. No prices or release dates have been offered.


Metal Gear Solid Psycho Mantis Board Gam
Dune PDF Released

The Dune – Adventures in the Imperium RPG is now available as a standalone PDF on both Modiphius.net and DriveThruRPG.com. Explore a far future of feudal politics, and mysterious abilities, as noble Houses politic constantly for power, influence, and vengeance in a universe where a blade can change the fortunes of millions!


Ironsworn in Space

In this standalone evolution of the Ironsworn roleplaying game, you'll undertake spaceborne quests in a perilous new frontier.  

Ironsworn: Starforged is currently in development, with a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to launch 27.4. 2021.



Ironsworn RPG Episode 1 RPG Time

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GW Pre-Orders Postponed

A strange announcement on Warhammer.com has stated that they are pausing pre-orders for a while. 

A statement on the site read "It’s still a pretty weird time for anyone making physical products and shipping them around the globe. There are loads of fantastic things on the way over the next few months, but we have to make some changes to when the next batch of incredible Warhammer releases come out, and we wanted to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on".

This follows on from a pre-order of their latest game Cursed City which left may fans disgruntled, due to what appeared to be low levels of stock, meaning many were disappointed as they were unable to order the game.

The statement continued "Everyone at Games Workshop is working really hard to get all of your orders to you in good time ..... With this in mind, over the next couple of weeks, there will be a short pause where we’ll have no new pre-orders".


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Alien RPG: 

Chariot of the Gods

Alien RPG

Published by Free League Publishing 


The ALIEN tabletop roleplaying game is a beautifully illustrated 392-page full-color hardcover book, both presenting the world of ALIEN in the year 2183 and a fast and effective ruleset designed specifically to enhance the ALIEN experience. The game can be played in two distinct game modes:

Cinematic play is based on pre-made scenarios that emulate the dramatic arc of an ALIEN film. Designed to be played in a single session, this game mode emphasizes high stakes and fast and brutal play. You are not all expected to survive.

Campaign play is designed for longer continuous play with the same cast of player characters over many game sessions, letting you explore the ALIEN universe freely, sandbox style.

The rules of the game are based on the acclaimed Year Zero Engine, used in award-winning games such as Tales from the Loop and Mutant: Year Zero, but adapted and further developed to fully support and enhance the core themes of ALIEN: horror and action in the cold darkness of space.


Chariot of the Gods pt 5 Live Playthrough:


Kickstarter Kickaround



Workers vs Drones! A mind-buzzing 2-player tile laying strategy game inspired by games like Othello and Honey Bees!

Hivernation is a tile laying strategy game that offers 3 Game Modes.


In Hivernation, players assume control of one of two factions, Drone bees or Worker bees. Each player takes turns building a hive around Queen Zizi, the matriarch and anchor of the game. As the hive develops players can add to their bees by playing bee tiles from their hand or converting their opponent's bee tiles using the Pincer Movement. They can also play specialty tiles from their stack to convert their opponent's bees as well. The goal? Have the most of your bees face up by the end of the game. The player with the most bees face up dominates the hive and wins the game!


Hivernation has dusted off an ancient mechanic, polished it up and given it a modern twist. With streamlined game play, Hivernation is easy to learn but challenging to master!

Designed by Sean Chappell, Kit Daven, Sabrina Scalarini,


Published by Grammes Edition

2 / 4 players                         10 - 30 mins                           8 yrs +

KS Ends:- Thursday May 13, 2021

Long Shot The Dice Game


Buy and bet on horses, collect jockey gear, and influence the race in this exciting horse racing game.

In Long Shot: The Dice Game, you and up to eight players will strategize and push your luck as the action unfolds in a tense race of eight horses. During the game you buy horses, place bets, influence race movement, and utilize special abilities. The roll of the dice determines which horses move and the options available each turn, so be ready to adapt your plans. Once three horses cross the finish line, earnings are totaled. While there are many ways to earn money during a horse race, only the player that makes the most money will be declared the winner. Will you play it safe, or risk it big on a long shot?

Designed by Chris Handy


Published by Perplext

1 - 8 players                      20 - 30 mins                       14 years +

KS ends:- Sun, April 25, 2021

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Sentinals of the Multiverse Definitive Edition
A brand new take on the classic comic book card game! 1-5 players control heroes fighting evil villains in dynamic environments!

Sentinels of the Multiverse is back, and better than ever! With all-new art, notably streamlined mechanics, and new stories to experience, this is the award-winning cooperative comic-book card game you’ve been waiting for!

Designed by Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, Adam Rebottaro

Published by Greater Than Games


1 - 5  players                    30 - 60  mins                    Age 8+

Campaign Ends:- Sat , April 24, 2021

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