Episode 33

Tabletop Gaming News

Lord of the Rings: Exit


Markus Brand, the co-designer of Exit: The Game series has teased an upcoming Lord of the Rings themed instalment of the escape room board games.

 Brand, tweeted an image of two blank prototype boxes, revealing the German titles of two upcoming Exit entries.

The most notable of the two is Schatten über Mittelerde, which translates to Shadows over Middle-earth. The box also features the German logo for The Lord of the Rings, confirming its direct connection to JRR Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy.

German board game magazine Brettspielbox subsequently cast further light on the upcoming board games, indicating that Shadows over Middle-earth would be a “beginner” level experience that sees the players attempting to protect Frodo and save Middle-earth during the events of The Lord of the Rings.



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Keyforge Co-Op

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that cooperative play is coming to KeyForge in two free-to-play adventures that expand upon the themes and mechanics found in Dark Tidings. 

These two exciting adventures present players with a new challenge to overcome using the KeyForge decks in their collection. With each adventure playing in a unique way and featuring multiple difficulty levels, you must come up with entirely new strategies to win. Whether you are playing by yourself or with up to two friends, these adventures will take you to the depths of the Crucible’s oceans and face-to-face with epic monsters and cunning cultists. 



Gencon Date Pushed Back

North American tabletop convention Gen Con has announced that it will be postponing its 2021 event into September, now running from the 16th -19th, bringing back Gen Con Online and adding “pop up” events at participating local game stores.

The annual tabletop convention was originally scheduled for mid-August in Indianapolis, Indiana but shifted plans after consulting with experts from the Center for Disease Control, along with “reading surveys and talking with our partners”, according to a tweet from the official account.

Peter Adkison, co-owner and Chairperson of the Board at Gen Con concurrently released a letter explaining why the company is still “excited” for the now-hybrid event later this year.


Z-Man Euro Classics are being retired.

In a Blog post by studio head Steve Kimball, board game publisher Z-Man Games will soon end support for their Euro Classics titles and has halted further work on the upcoming board game Princes of Florence.

Consisting of five currently available boxes,The Euro Classics  Taj Mahal, Samurai, Ra, Through the Desert and Tigris & Euphrates. These were claimed to be the “pinnacle of board game design”. Having been out of print for a number of years they were revitalised by Fantasy Flight Games and utilised the talents of original designer Reiner Knizia to help modernise the designs. Acquisitions and company conglomerations eventually led to the Euro Classics falling under the care of Z-Man.

According to Kimball, Princes of Florence would have been the first non-Knizia game in the Euro Classics line - designer Wolfgang Kramer reportedly wanted to expand the original to include a co-op board game mode, so a remake was well-timed. Kimball eventually states such a project won’t be finished at Z-Man Games.

The licences for Knizia’s games have reportedly been returned, so Z-Man Games will no longer be reprinting any of the titles in its current Euro Classics line, nor will any future titles be added. Likewise, ownership of Princes of Florence’s licence has returned to Kramer.


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Ramble with Alex Huntley of Warploque Miniatures


Designer: Alex Huntley

Published by Warploque Miniatures

Arcworlde logo.jpg

ArcWorlde is a narrative battle game where warbands, heroes and monsters are pitted against each other in the field of combat. There are beasts to slay, treasures to discover, objectives to capture and rival Commanders to defeat. By using these rules, your imagination, and the wide range of ArcWorlde miniatures available, you and your friends can play out epic tales within the eponymous fantasy realm.

Warploque Digital

Unique 3D Printable Fantasy Miniatures

Kickstarter Kickaround

ArcWorlde: Second Edition - Ourks


A new Faction and hand-sculpted miniatures for ArcWorlde: Second Edition - the Narrative Fantasy Battle Game.

ArcWorlde: Second Edition - Ourks introduces a new Faction to collect, paint and play for the narrative fantasy battle game from Warploque Miniatures.

ArcWorlde: Second Edition is a narrative battle game set in a whimsical fantasy world, where you play exciting story-driven scenarios on the tabletop.

Players use their wits, tactical skill and outside-of-the-box creative thinking to play fun and memorable clashes between heroes, warbands and monsters in a game that is quick, engaging and easy to learn, with beautiful hand-sculpted miniatures.

Designed by Alex Huntley


Published by Warploque Miniatures

2 players                          60 - 90 mins                           14 yrs +


KS ends:- Tues, March 30, 2021