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Gen Con Spring Showcase
Streaming Schedule and Publishers Announced!


The first-ever Gen Con Spring Showcase, featuring two full days of new game previews is live on Twitch on March 6-7.

More than 20 of your favorite tabletop publishers — including Fantasy Flight, Brotherwise, Czech Games, Funko, The Op, Calliope, Gooey Cube, and more — have signed up for livestreamed game previews, unboxings, live plays, and discussions, all for free on Gen Con TV. 



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  • Show us what you’re playing on social media using #airecant.

  • Join the AireCon Community arrange games with others and let us know what you’re up to.

  • Use the AireCon Buy and Sell group to buy and/or sell secondhand games.

  • There will be a list of exhibitors with special discount codes and sales.

  • There will be links to relevant board game media sites, you can pretend you’re at a seminar!

  • Join us for a quiz at 8pm on Friday 16 April (details coming soon).

  • Join us for the annual Charity Giveaway Event on Saturday 17 April (details coming soon).



Metal Gear Solid Cancelled

Game Designer Emerson Matsuuchi posted in a forum on BoardGameGeek, stating that IDW Publishing - the studio that was releasing the game - chose to cease production on Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game in December 2020.


Matsuuchi did not give any reasons behind the cancellation, just stating that “the decision was made back in December to not move forward with the MGS Project.”

Since the cancellation Matsuuchi has required the rights to the game’s design, but has not as of yet been able to obtain the licensing required to release a tabletop version of Metal Gear Solid.

Emerson said he is “optimistic” and is working with their publishing company - Nazca Games - to acquire the licensing rights needed from video game publisher, Konami. However, Matsuuchi also emphasised that “there are no guarantees” that the board game will be released at all, but the designer is “working to keep this project alive” nonetheless.



40k and LotR to meet MtG

Wizards of the Coast announced that collectible card game Magic: The Gathering will release future sets based in established fictional universes, such as Games Workshop’s Warhammer: 40,000 and Lord of the Rings, as part of its new Universes Beyond initiative.

Both Games Workshop and Middle Earth Enterprises - which handles licensing for the works of author JRR Tolkein - have given Wizards of the Coast permission to print full sets of playable cards based on their worlds and tell stories with their characters. Wizards said in a blog post on February 26th that its goal with Universes Beyond is to expand Magic’s potential audience. “But we also hope that Universes Beyond will bring the game we love to more people who might not have otherwise found us. We hope fans of these worlds and characters will find our game through Universes Beyond - and we hope they'll stay awhile and become part of our amazing community.”

The announcement of Universes Beyond accompanies a larger restructuring by parent company Hasbro, moving both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering under its own dedicated division called Wizards & Digital.

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Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition

Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition is the latest version of the board game for one to four players set on a remote island on which the group finds themselves stranded. Hungry, thirsty and vulnerable, players will need to find enough resources to construct a shelter and something to eat before night arrives - or risk dying to starvation, exposure or something much worse.

The new version will add several new elements to the original, including miniatures, created by Awaken Realms. Known for making titles such as Nemesis and Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon.


  Players will also be able to use a companion app alongside their playthroughs and will provide access to over 300 adventure and event cards and comes with an audio element for building atmosphere and immersion.

A new aspect feature in the Collector’s Edition is the Open & Play Campaign that acts as a tutorial mode for new players. There will be four new scenarios that can be played as a complete campaign. This is specifically designed to aid less experienced players.

There is also a new expansion, called the Book of Adventures, that is being released alongside the Collector’s Edition this will introduce 20 new scenarios for players to try, as well as variants to alter older adventures. All the scenarios are categorised by gameplay length, theme and difficulty level to help players choose a suitable scenario for their group.

The upcoming game and The Book of Adventures expansion will be launching on crowdfunding platform Gamefound on March 23rd. Portal Games is yet to confirm pledge amounts and an estimated release date.


Interview with Award Winning RPG Author Nils Hintze

Tales from the Loop

Authors: Nils Hintze, Matt Forbeck, Nils Karlén, Björn Hellqvist  

Illustrator: Simon Stålenhag

Published by Free League Publishing

Things from the Flood

Authors: Nils Hintze, Matt Forbeck, Nils Karlén   

Illustrator: Simon Stålenhag

Published by Free League Publishing

Forbidden Lands

Authors: Erik Granström, Nils Hintze

Illustrator: Simon Stålenhag, Nils Gulliksson

Graphical Design: Christian Granath

Published by Free League Publishing



Written By Nils Hintze 


Artist and author: Johan Egerkrans, creator of the book “Vaesen: Spirits and Monsters of Scandinavian Folklore” that the gameworld is based upon.   

Published by Free League Publishing

FBL_ENG_the_bitter_reach (kopia).jpg
Things from the Flood 1.jpg

Kickstarter Kickaround

Ares Expedition -
The Terraforming Mars Card Game


A new, stand-alone game inspired by Terraforming Mars featuring faster gameplay and over 200 beautifully illustrated cards!

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is a card based version of the massively popular n engine-building Terraforming Mars. In which players control interplanetary corporations,with the goal of making Mars habitable (and profitable).


This version also includes a solo variant, 2p Co-op as well as the verses mode.

Designed by Sydney Engelstein, Jacob Fryxelius, Nick Little


Published by Stronghold Games

1 -4 players                          60 mins                           14 yrs +


KS ends:- Fri, March 5, 2021



TFM Ares box.jpg
THE ONE RING™ RPG, Second Edition

A new edition of the roleplaying game set in the world of The Lord of the Rings™ by J.R.R. Tolkien, designed by Francesco Nepitello.

The One Ring™ is a roleplaying game based on The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™, two extraordinary works of fiction by the beloved author and respected academic, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, published in partnership with Sophisticated Games.

First released in 2011, its award-winning design was hailed as the best attempt at bringing Middle-earth to the gaming table to date, thanks to its thematic rules and painstaking attention to detail. For 10 years, players of the game have traveled far and wide across Middle-earth, adventuring for multiple decades of game time.

Today, it is time for the game to enter a new era – this new edition of The One Ring brings players further into the Twilight of the Third Age with a new hardbound volume, presenting:

  • A set of updated and streamlined rules, developed thanks to years of players’ feedback and raising the game to the standards of quality that have made Free League so popular.

  •  A new setting to experience – the Lone-lands of Eriador in the year is 2965 of the Third Age. This is a vast land that once saw the glory of the North Kingdom of the Dúnedain.

  •  A complete visual redesign of art and graphics, offering a view of Middle-earth that is fresh and familiar at the same time.

Designed by Francesco Nepitello

Published by Free League Publishing

KS ends:- Thurs, March 4, 2021


The One Ring RPG cover.jpg
One ring RPG art.jpg
Let's Role - An immersive and Easy-to-use Virtual TableTop
Play any of your favourite TableTop RPGs directly in your browser, using pictures, pdfs, music, sfx and video.

  • Let’s Role is a modern and accessible web platform allowing you to play RPGs online

  • After 14 months of alpha testing and gathering thousands of users’ feedback, Let’s Role is offering a set of intuitive, immersive and comprehensive functionalities

  • Access to the platform is actually free, and it will stay that way! No subscription, no functionalities locked behind a paywall

  • The platform will be funded through microtransactions, like 3D dice sets, character sheet’s skins, avatar frames, etc.


Designed by Lets Role

Campaign Ends:- Sat , March 6, 2021


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