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Tabletop Gaming News

Gencon Spring Showcase

Gen Con Spring Showcase — Publishers in the industry will be sharing their upcoming releases for the spring season in a two-day streaming extravaganza!


Two full days of brand-new tabletop game release previews and demos streaming live on Twitch March 6-7, 2021!


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Z-Man Games announce Cryo

worker-placement game for two to four players, Cryo takes place on a frozen planet where an explorative mission has just gone terribly wrong. Players find themselves in command of a colony ship as it plummets to the surface of an icy planet. Way off course and unable to restart the engines, players will need to do whatever they can in order to survive on the desolate tundra.


​Red Rising


Stonemaier Games have announced a Red Rising.

As you navigate through a dystopian world of dangerous intrigue in Red Rising, a board game adaptation of the sci-fi book series co-designed by the creator of Scythe, Jamey Stegmaier.

An upcoming game for one to six players, Red Rising takes place in a science-fiction world that sees its citizens sorted into 14 different castes - each one having access to certain privileges and rights. During the board game, players will become members of a house that has ambitions of improving its social standing and rising through the ranks to the higher castes. Should they gather enough support from followers and influence from important individuals, players will have to decide whether to tear down the system or take their place in the highest coloured caste, the Golds.

Throughout the game, players will use their hand of five cards to gradually collect enough allies needed to advance to a higher caste. On their turn, players can place one of their cards at a location on the game board, thereby gaining that location’s effect. The player then takes a card from another location - which will be displayed face-up - or from the main deck, which remains facedown during the course of the entire game, and adds it to their hand.



Star Lord coming to Marvel Champions




Fantasy Flight Games announced the Star-Lord Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

Star-Lord leads the Guardians of the Galaxy into battle against the villain in this expansion pack, which introduces Star-Lord as a brand-new playable hero, along with his fifteen signature cards. Fittingly, Star-Lord uses the Leadership aspect, and you’ll find a full assortment of new Leadership cards, as well as plenty of cards that reward you for uniting the Guardians of the Galaxy. 


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Lasting Tales

Blacklist Games is thrilled to announce Lasting Tales, a cooperative tabletop miniatures game for 1–5 players. Designed by acclaimed game designer Mark Latham (The Walking Dead: All Out War, The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms), Lasting Tales lets players create their own heroes and embark on an epic campaign, linking game sessions together to create a rich story set in a classic fantasy world. ​


Inspired by pen-and-paper roleplaying games and tabletop skirmish games, Lasting Tales is a fully cooperative experience in which every player is the hero in their own tale, battling the enemy on their own or with their friends, and crafting their legend through the variety of events they’ll stumble upon during their journeys.​


The Lasting Tales book contains all the rules you need to play the game, including hero creation, adversary profiles, campaign rules, scenarios, as well as a full narrative campaign—or Tale—and pre-made heroes to get new players right into the action! A game of Lasting Tales will also require a handful of standard six-sided dice, a tape measure or ruler, and miniatures. Fortunately, Lasting Tales is a miniatures-agnostic game, meaning players can use any fantasy miniatures in their collection.

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Our new Discord Channel

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Alien RPG Live

Alien RPG

Published by Free League Publishing 



Kickstarter Kickaround



An authentic battle royale experience for 2-4 players offering a combination of fast-paced and a true freedom of play.

  • An action pack last man standing where you use tech and weaponry to overcome your opponents. 


Designed by Jean Marc Tribet + Francoise Rouze    


Published by Kolossal Games

2 - 4 players                 60 mins                                 10+

KS Ends:- Thursday February 18, 2021


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3 x Oink Games


Moon Adventure, In a Grove and Dokojong

3 games in one KS.


  • The 1st a revised edition of In a Grove

  • Moon Adventure is a development on the great Deep Sea Adventures

  • Dokojong is a social deduction bluffing game


KS ends:- Sat, February 27, 2021



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A hex-based skirmish board game for 1-4 players. Based in the world of the bestselling fantasy series, The Runelords by David Farland.

 Runelords is a card-driven, hex-based skirmish game. Players deploy recruits into battle, then spend their available action points during each activation. Trigger powerful attacks and abilities from either a deployed recruit itself or from the cards in their hand.

Designed by John DAngello

Published by Red Djinn


1-4  players                 45 - 180 mins                    Age 10+

Campaign Ends:- Fri , February 19, 2021


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