Episode 23

Tabletop Gaming News

Dreadball Magnetar Circuit 

It’s time to head back to the pitch in this brand-new supplement for the galaxy’s most action-packed sport! Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circuit is a vital addition for any DreadBall coach that wants to make sure they stay competitive in the season ahead.

This is available to PRE-ORDER and is due to start shipping February 22nd.




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Twilight Imperium Map Designer Competition

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a competition to design a game map for Twilight Imperium 4. The winner will get to showcase their map with game designer Dane Beltrami and with the entire Twilight Imperium community in Volume 2 of the Imperial Codex.


Unlock Kids coming 2021

Unlock!: Kids is an escape room game designed for players ages 6+ and unlike other Unlock! titles, it does not require an app.

Altered Carbon RPG

Renegade Games have announced a new Altered Carbon RPG

 In this transhumanist neo-noir vision of the future, the human mind is nothing more than digital code -Digital Human Freight - saved and stored in a Cortical Stack, advanced technology that allows you to "re-sleeve" your entire consciousness into a new body.

In the Official Altered Carbon Role Playing Game, wear any body you can afford, transmit your mind across the cosmos in an instant, and, if you've got the credits and political cachet, you can re-sleeve time and again for centuries, accumulating enough wealth and power over the millennia to become the societal equivalent of an immortal god.

Included inside the Core Rulebook, you'll find:
• Rules to Play Archetypes ranging from Socialites to Soldiers
• Explore the expansive metropolis Bay City in both its Underground, and Atrium world.
• Storytelling focused rules, that help create immense danger inside of combat and intrigue outside combat.
• The means in which to transfer your characters digital consciousness into a new sleeve should they come to a tragic end.

With the prize of immortality at your fingers, the question is, what price will you pay? What stories will you tell?

Your neon drenched adventures await.



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 Most Anticipated for 2021 


  • Gaming with Groups

  • Going to Conventions

  • New currently unknown games

Rob's Selection

Dune Imperium

Designed By Paul Dennen       

Published by Dire Wolf

1- 4 Players                     60 - 120 mins                 Age14+

DuneImperium_ComponentsRender (1).png
Deep Space D-6 Armada

Designed By Tony Go       

Published by Tau Leader Games

1 - 4 Players                   60 - 90 mins                      Age 14+

Ascension Tactics: Miniatures Deckbuilding Game

Designed By Justin Gary + Ryan Sutherland    

Published by Stoneblade Entertainment

1 - 4 Players             ? mins                      Age ?+

A nice surprise

Designed By A Designer      

Published by P Ublisher .com

1+ Players             1+ mins                      Age 1+

Adam's Selection

Alien RPG

Designed By Free League Publishing       

Published by Free League Publishing

3+ Players             30+ mins                      Age 18+


Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

Designed By Nathan Dowell +    

Published by Modiphius

3-8 Players             30 mins +                      Age 14+


Peter's Selection

TI4: Prophecy of the Kings

Designed By Wolfgang Kramer      

Published by Fantasy Flight Games

3 - 8 Players             240 - 480 mins                      Age 14+

Sidereal Confluence

Designed By TauCeti Deichmann      

Published by Wiz Kidz

4 - 9 Players             120 - 180 mins                      Age 14+

Lost Ruins of Arnak

Designed By Min + Elwin

Published by Czech Games Edition

1-4 Players                30 - 120mins                      Age 12+

Search for Planet X

Designed By Matthew O'Malley, Ben Rosset

Published by Foxtrot Games, Renegade Game Studios

1-4 Players                60 mins                      Age 13+

Gaming Groups

Designed By Mankind      

Published by Civilization

2+ Players             5+ mins                      Age 4+

Jacko's Selection

Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood 

Designed By Jamie Jolly       

Published by Shadowbourne Games

1 - 4 Players             90 - 120 mins                      Age 13+


Designed By Michał Gołębiowski, Filip Miłuński       

Published by Lucky Duck Games

1 - 3 Players                 90 - 150 mins                      Age 14+

Terraforming Mars The Dice Game

Designed By Jacob Fryxelius      

Published by FryxGames

? Players                             ? mins                      Age ?

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

Designed By Thomas Sing      

Published by Kosmos

2 - 5 Players             20 mins                      Age 10+

dune imperium box.jpg
Deep Space D6 Armada.jpg
Deep Space D6 Armada 1 .jpg
Ascension-Tactics box.jpg
Surprising Dad
Alien RPG.jpg
Alien RPG 1.jpg
TI4 Prophecy of Kings contents.png
TI4 Prophecy of Kings.png
sidereal confluence box.jpg
Search for Planet X.png
Lost ruins of Arnak box.jpg
Search for Planet X box.jpg
Family Board Game
Oathsworn box.jpg
Set a watch 2.jpg
TOL destinies.jpg
Set a watch Swords of the coin.png
Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge

Designed By Tim Pinder + Rose Atkinson      

Published by Inside the Box Board Games

1-6 Players             45 - 75 mins                      Age 10+

Zombie Teenz

Designed By Annick Lobet      

Published by Le Scorpion Masqué

2 - 4 Players             15 - 25 mins                      Age 8+

Core Space 1st Born

Designed By Wayne Abela, Colin Young       

Published by Battle Systems

1-6 Players             45 - 180mins                      Age 14+

Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin

Designed By Mike Gnade      

Published by Rock Manor Games

1 - 4 Players                   60 - 75 mins                      Age 10+

Core Space FB.jpg
Sub terra 2 box.jpg
Core Space FB Box1.jpg
Sub Terra 2.jpg
Zombie-Teenz-Evolution box.jpg
Zombie Teenz.jpg
Terraforming Mars the dice game box.jpg
The Crew Mission Deep Sea box.jpg
Terraforming Mars the dice game.jpg

Kickstarter Kickaround

Master Sweets

An easy to learn, fast to play, family card game with 12 game modes – 5 competitive, team, player elimination, 3 cooperative and 2 solo

  •  In "MasterSweets" you will take up the role of one of the 16 fancier confectioners, competing to present the best confectionery delights. MasterSweets uses unique game mechanic based on the set collection mechanic. In the game, a set of ingredient cards are ordered on the table- they form the cookbook. Each row or column of the cookbook represents one recipe. The players will try to collect the full set of ingredient cards that a recipe contains in order to complete it. But each player may also exchange a card from his hand with a card from the cookbook. This way the player changes the set of cards in the collections that all players are trying to collect.


Designed by Tihomir Yunakov      


Published by Board Games Yunak

1 - 5 players                  10 - 30 mins                               Age 8+

KS Ends:- Thursday January 14, 2021


Master sweets.jpg
Gamer's Chest

All-in-One Tabletop Game Organizer


Designed by Russell McCutcheon

Published by Wood Project

Gamer's Chest is a unique modular system from Be Wood that will help you organize and improve any board game 



KS ends:- Friday 22nd, Januarary, 2021



Gamers chest.jpg
Gamers chest 1.jpg
OTTO 8 Game Over:
the most abstract game Ever

The new abstract game that will surprise you! Intuitive and strategic, with an out of this world design.


Designed by Franco Caniatti

Published by Arcastudio


2-4 players                  36 mins                    Age 8 - 88

Campaign Ends:- Sun , January 31, 2021


Otto box.png