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Postcard Board Games

Mini board games that you can mail to your friends!

  • Each of the 4 games are a single standard postcard (4x6"), and the instructions are directly on the game itself. The back side of the postcard is of standard postcard fare. These postcard board games will be premium stock with a nice glossy front.


Designed by T. Charles Howzer      


Published by T. Charles Howzer 


1 - 4 players                  7 - 20 mins                    7+

KS Ends:- Monday January 11, 2021

Winter Queen

A beautiful abstract strategy game from the designer of Space Explorers and Viceroy. Fill the winter with colorful magic!


Designed by Yuri Zhuravlev

Published by CrowD Games

2 - 4 players                  20 - 30 mins                         10+ 




KS ends:- Thurs, December 31, 2020

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The Storymaster's Tales "Towers" and expansions

Alone or with friends you must choose a dangerous quest, but beware only those with the skill, intelligence and bravery of a hero will survive.


Designed by Oliver McNeil

Published by Oliver McNeil


1-5 players                  60 -180 mins                    Age 6 +

Campaign Ends:- Thurs , January 8, 2021