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Cyberpunk Red the miniatures game.

Announcing: Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone! An exciting new skirmish miniatures game from Monster Fight Club, set in the Combat Zones of 2045’s cities.

Set several decades after the RPG’s seminal second edition Cyberpunk 2020 and before its recent video game adaptation Cyberpunk 2077. 

Combat Zone features a new, fast-paced game engine where the players can act and react in organic, free-flowing actions. No rounds, no turns - the game just goes. As your characters take hits and get wounded, their abilities degrade - so strike hard and strike fast!


Combat Zone leaves the traditional rulers and tape measure behind and introduces a new “Limiter” based movement and range system, where your characters’ attacks and movement depend on the quality of their actions. Green, Yellow, and Red Actions all have different chances to succeed - so choose smartly!

Cyberpunk Red Combat Zone.jpg
Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition

Bezier Games has made a royal announcement that Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector's Edition is going LIVE on Kickstarter January 19th! Fans have been requesting a new edition and they have been heard - Bezier Games is proud to be bringing this campaign to start 2021 off with a bang! Hit “Notify Me On Launch” now and don't miss your chance as this luxurious new edition - Coming with four expansions, two of which are totally NEW, you won't believe how packed this box will be! Conveniently, GameTrayz™ organizers will keep everything in its place for you, even the incredible 3D tower miniatures (Minis?! WHAT?!).

There's new tiles! New art, new rooms, it's all so good. There's even a new recessed scoreboard that is dual sided to accommodate different table shapes (brilliant, right?) - each side even has completely different artwork. The adorable swan player markers will never get bored swimming along these streams to track your victory points! 


Castle of Mad King Ludwig box.png
Castle of Mad King Ludwig.png
Castle of Mad King Ludwig Tiles.png

Star Trek Adventures
The Shackleton Expanse campaign is coming to Star Trek Adventures in Q3 2021. The Tricorder Collectors Set - which features a digest size Original series themed pocket rulebook, dice, crew sheets, 3-part campaign, and a deluxe wearable box in the shape of a tricorder with magnetic lid is also coming in Q3. We also announced a sponsorship deal for the Stream Punks Blood of the Void Klingon campaign show. The big news for Star Trek Adventures is that Modiphius announced an expanded partnership for developing Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard products!

Star Trek adventures.jpg
BrainBox Games enters the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The popular educational games series, BrainBox is expanding its licensing activity into the Wizarding World with the release of its upcoming BrainBox Harry Potter in May next year. It marks a major development for the Green Board Games team, who has earmarked 2021 as a ‘huge year for the brand.’

Green Board Games was acquired by the Asmodee Group in 2019. The BrainBox games will form a key part of Asmodee’s newly launching Brain Games collection for creative and enquiring minds in 2021

The BrainBox series is a popular range of addictive memory challenges in which players have ten seconds to study a card before answering questions on what they saw. The series has previously covered topics across maths and English, to dinosaurs and football.

The family-friendly gaming brand now invites players to test their knowledge and relive the beloved Harry Potter film series.

Cards will be packed with fun facts about the franchise as well as stills from all of the Harry Potter films, offering youngsters the chance to prove that they’ve got what it takes to be top of the class at Hogwarts.

It’s part of a series of plans for the coming year from Green Board Games.


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