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The Last Cyclade

The epic space adventure The Last Cyclade has been announced by Free League Publishing for the award-winning tabletop roleplaying game Coriolis: The Third Horizon. Launched on December 8th. Per-orders have started on the Free League website.

Out on 08 December, 2020

From Andor to Nottingham with Michael Menzel

Coming to a forest near you in June 2021

Take on the role of either Robin Hood or one of his ‘Merry Men’ as you battle Prince John and his henchman throughout Sherwood Forest and beyond.

• From renowned author Michael Menzel (Legends of Andor)

• Engaging storylines, interesting character roles, and simple rules

• Family-weight strategy game for all ages and skill levels


Legends of Robin Hood.webp
Elf on The Shelf Boardgame

Award-winning board game designer Rachel Lowe has partnered with The Lumistella Company to bring its flagship property, The Elf on the Shelf to the traditional board gaming space in time for Christmas.

Designed as a family-friendly title, the games sees player take turns on the spinner to determine their naughty of nice fate, as well as face challenges along the way, including Snowball Fights to collect an extra candy cane. The player with the most candy canes wins the game.

Koyo stores partner with Games Workshop

The entertainment merchandise specialist, The Koyo Store, has secured the global rights to create a range of officially licensed Warhammer 40,000 collectables through a new partnership with Games Workshop.

The deal marks a major success for The Koyo Store as the range will not only be sold through Games Workshop’s own High Street stores, but also available for fans to buy direct at


Unicorn Fever

Unicorn Fever from Horrible guild is a tactical betting game for 2-6 players, where you exploit unwitting unicorns and their mindless desire to run on rainbows for profit... and glory! After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, it is now available in retail stores all over the world!


But that's not all! The Royal Hooves expansion is also available, including three additional Unicorn miniatures and cards with new Fever abilities!


Unicorn Fever.png