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Frostgrave 2: The Red King Expansion

The Red King is the first supplement designed for Frostgrave: Second Edition. In this sprawling, epic campaign, wizards will be pushed to their limits, fighting not only against one another and the perils of the Frozen City, but also against an invading army. As the Red King's power grows, the laws of magic and nature will start to bend.

Out on 10 December, 2020

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Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

During Modcon this week Modiphius showcased some details of a new Dune RPG coming soon.


Schotten Totten 2

Here comes Schotten Totten 2! The war between clans rages on in this EXPLOSIVE sequel! Using attack and defensive strategy, position your troops, but be careful, even the smallest breach in the wall could be fatal! A must have for any games night.