Ideas for Christmas Gifts


  • Under £7 Stocking filler

  • Under £15 Secret Santa

  • Under £25 Family / Friend Present

  • Wild Card what we'd love to see under the tree for me

Rob's Selection

Electronic Dice4-500x500.jpg
Electronic Dice

Designed By Unknown       

Published by Many available

1+ Players        

Electronic Dice kit.jpg
Just One

Designed By Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter       

Published by Repos Games

3-7 Players             20 mins                      Age 8+

Space Base

Designed By David Thompson       

Published by Alderac Entertainment Group

2-5 Players             60 mins                      Age 14+

Space base.jpg
Treasure Island.jpg
People to play with

Designed By Mankind      

Published by Civilization

2+ Players             5+ mins                      Age 4+


Adam's Selection

Sigils in the dark book.jpg
Sigils in the Dark

Designed By Kurt Potts       

Published by Itch io

1 Player   

or the Cyberpunk version Hacks in the Dark

Sigils in the dark.png
The Wretched.png
The Wretched

Designed By Chris Bissett       

Published by Loot the Room

The Wretched is a solo journaling RPG played with a deck of cards, a tumbling block tower, and a microphone.

You are the last surviving crew member of the intergalactic salvage ship The Wretched. Adrift between stars after an engine failure, your ship was attacked by a hostile alien lifeform. The crew are dead.

AB The Wretched 1.jpg
MÖRK BORG cover ENG.jpg
Mörk Borg

Designed By Pelle Nilsson       

Published by Free League Publishing

3+ Players             30+ mins                      Age 18+

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

Designed By Nathan Dowell +    

Published by Modiphius

3-8 Players             30 mins +                      Age 14+


Peter's Selection

6 Nimmt box.jpg
6 Nimmt!

Designed By Wolfgang Kramer      

Published by Amigo / Mayfair Games

2-10 Players             45 mins                      Age 10+

A Fake artist goes to New York.jpg
A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Designed By Jan Sasaki      

Published by Oink Games

5-10 Players             20 mins                      Age 8+

A.F.A.G.T.N.Y. Online:-

A Fake artist goes to New York 2.jpg
Tsuro box.jpg

Designed By Tom McMurchie                  Published by WizKids

2-8 Players                15-20mins                      Age 8+

Treasure Island.jpg
Gaming Groups

Designed By Mankind      

Published by Civilization

2+ Players             5+ mins                      Age 4+


Jacko's Selection

Ultra tiny Epic Kigdoms box.png
Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Designed By Scott Almes       

Published by Gamelyn Games

2-5 Players             30 -45 mins                      Age 13+

Ultra tiny Epic Kigdoms.jpg
The Crew

Designed By Thomas Sing       

Published by Kosmos

2-5 Players                  20 mins                      Age 8+

Fort box.png

Designed By Grant Rodiek      

Published by Leder Games

2-4 Players             20 - 40 mins                      Age 10+

Core Space box.jpg
Core Space

Designed By Wayne Abela, Colin Young       

Published by Battle Systems

1-6 Players             45 - 180mins                      Age 14+

Core Space.jpg