Ideas for   Bored Wargamers

missing their Groups

Ideas :-

  • Paint the plastic mountain of minis.

  • Build some scenery 

  • Try some solo miniature games

  • Dungeon Crawlers

  • Similar themed solo board games

  • Play online. Ie. Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia, Vassel

  • Play an RPG online

  • Read a related novel

  • Research fluff / backstory

ArcWorlde Banner.jpg

Designed By Alex Huntley

Published by Warplogue Miniatures

1-4 Players             30-120mins                      Age 10+

AW Arcanid chase.jpg
Frostgrave Perilous Dark.jpg
Frostgrave: Perilous Dark

Designed By Joseph A. McCullough         

Published by Osprey Games

1-2 Players                   60 - 120 mins                   Age 12+

Rangers of Shadow Deep cover.jpg
Rangers of Shadowdeep

Designed by Joseph A. McCullough

Published by Modiphius Entertainment

1-2 Players             60- 120 mins                      Age 12+

Rangers of Shadow Deep.jpg
Deadzone nexus psi.jpeg
Deadzone: Nexus Psi

Designed By Jonathan Peletis, Jake Thornton   

Published by Mantic Games

1-2 Players                  30 - 60 mins                      Age 12+

TWD AOW Prelude to Woodbury.jpg
Walking Dead: All Out War - (Prelude to Woodbury)

Designed By Mark Latham

Published by Mantic Games

1-2 Players                30 - 120mins                      Age12+

Star Breach.jpg
Star Breach: Hunters (Beta)

Designed By Elijah M. Kellogg

Published by Slow Death Games

1-5 Players             30-60mins                      Age 10+

Star Breach Hunters.jpg
dungeon-saga box.jpg
Dungeon Saga

Designed By Jake Thornton

Published by Mantic Games

1-5 Players                30 - 120mins                      Age10+

Star saga.jpg
Star Saga

Designed By Stewart Gibbs

Published by Mantic Games

1-5 Players                60 - 120mins                      Age14+

Star saga 1.jpg
SW Imp Ass box.jpg
Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Designed By Justin Kemppainen, Corey Konieczka, Jonathan Ying          

Published by Fantasy Flight Games

1-5 Players             60 - 120 mins                      Age 14+

SW Imp Ass.jpg
Gloomhaven box.jpg

Designed By Isaac Childres         

Published by Cephalofair Games

1-4 Players             60 - 120 mins                      Age 14+

Sharp Practice

Designed By Richard Clarke        

Published by Two Fat Lardies

2-6 Players            120 mins                      Age 16+

Sharp Practice.jpg