Guild Ball the Final Whistle

Guild Ball

Designed By Mat Hart, Richard Loxam

Published by Steamforged Games

2 Players             60mins                      Age 12+

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Alchemist Guild >

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Kick Off 

2 Player starter set featuring the Masons vs the Brewers

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Main Guilds
  • Alchemist

  • Blacksmiths

  • Brewers

  • Butchers

  • Masons

  • Morticians

  • Engineers

  • Farmers

  • Fishermen

  • Hunters

  • The Union

< Blacksmith Guild
Forged in Steel Set
Alchemist Guild >
The New Age of Science Set

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Minor Guilds
  • Falconers

  • Navigators

  • The Order

  • Cooks

  • Ratcatchers

< Falconers
Daughter of Falcons set
Ratcatchers >
Paying the Piper set