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Heroquest Relaunch Coming to UK, Aus and NZ

It has now been announced that the UK, Australia will also be able to purchase the Grand-Daddy of Dungeon Crawlers.

In the UK you can pre-order at Zavvi for


and NZ

Aconyte Books bring us some Zombicide Stories

Asmodee Entertainment is delighted to announce that Aconyte, the new fiction imprint of global games group Asmodee, has secured a multi-year agreement with CMON – Cool Mini or Not for long-time fans – to create brand new novels set in the worlds of their acclaimed ZOMBICIDE range of games.


Kosmos & Thames Sales up + 2 more Exits on the way.

 Jo Drage, sales director, Thames & Kosmos UK. Said has announced the arrival of the latest in its Exit game titles: The Enchanted Forest and The Cemetery of the Knight.  The latest arrive in what has been labelled as a year for Exit games, having seen a ‘massive surge in sales of the range of titles.’

Drage continued: “2020 has seen a massive surge in sales of our range of Exit titles. This trend continued after the easing of lockdown across the UK and Europe, as groups of families and friends are still keen to play games which entice participants away from electronic gadgets whilst also providing a team-based gaming experience.”

The Enchanted Forest is the perfect entrance game to the EXIT: The Game series with its difficulty level of two out of five. The Enchanted Forest takes its players into a forest full of fairytale creatures and even stranger puzzles.

The Cemetery of the Knight is perfect for the slightly more experienced EXIT player with a difficulty level of three out of five and takes the team to a cemetery and the tomb of Sir Reginald Wreston in order to solve the mystery of where to find the priceless red ruby.

“Both new Exit titles have had significant interest from serious board gamers and families alike and we have been inundated with pre-orders, proving that gaming will continue to go strong well into the latter part of 2020,” said Drage.

Exit The Enchanted Forest.jpg