I'm Jacko a tabletop gaming addict. If you can play it by rolling dice, playing cards, or moving meeples then I'm interested and want to talk about it.....


I have been playing tabletop games for years. and recently been trying my hand at painting miniatures.

I've helped demo games at conventions and helped playtest several games.

I hope you enjoy listening to this old fool and his friends waffle on about experiences from the tabletop gaming world.

I'm Rob, who's not mystical, just cold. I love tabletop/analog/designer games because it gives me a chance to meet new people, make new friends and lose horribly to them.


I too have been playing tabletop games for years, but only recently discovered that I enjoy teaching people to play more than I enjoy playing the games themselves. I often demo games at conventions in a red shirt for a certain company and also like to set up gaming groups (to share the joy). Yeah, I'm pretty evangelical when it comes to tabletop games.


So if you get stopped by a guy in the pub who asks you 'have you let deck-builders into your life?', don't be alarmed - it'll just be me after one too many imperial porters...